Androscoggin County Democratic Commitee

Save Our Healthcare!

RED ALERT: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey just came out in support of Graham-Cassidy, the GOP’s last ditch plan to pass Trumpcare. Sen. John McCain has said that he will vote yes with the governor’s approval.
That means that Trumpcare has a very real chance of passing. Graham-Cassidy is just as bad as the previous Trumpcare bills. It would destroy Medicaid and rob health care from tens of millions of Americans. What’s worse, the GOP is threatening to ram it through without even a CBO score of how many Americans would lose their health care!

NOW is the time to call Sen. Collins, thank her for her previous votes against Trumpcare, and tell her that she must hold firm against the latest bill. Call every one of her offices, and then call again tomorrow! We the people have defeated Trumpcare before and we will defeat it again.
Sen. Susan Collins Offices:
Augusta(207) 622-8414
Bangor(207) 945-0417
Biddeford(207) 283-1101
Caribou: (207) 493-7873
Lewiston: (207) 784-6969
Portland: (207) 780-3575
Washington, D.C.: (202) 224-2523

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